Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

What do you know about the farmers? must answer a variety of in accordance with their respective knowledge. Many people who care about the fate of farmers, even the central government, ministries of agriculture, the provincial government, making the Department of Agriculture as well as District Government. The result intansi Ministry and Department in charge of agriculture thrives while farmers "are still like that before."

If the Republic is no ministry of agriculture, there is no Department of Agriculture, farmers believe still exist and existed throughout the ages. So far, farmers have not enjoyed a ministry of agriculture, less feel the agriculture department, they find themselves living with a myriad of liabilities carried the burden of farmers.

What farmers really needed? simple fact, farmers only need regulations (rules) that govern agricultural governance in particular the rules on special perbankkang to provide capital for farmers, a special insurance which guarantees the failure of crops, special warehousing system that can accommodate agricultural output.

Do not equate farmer with regular employers, because the farmer entrepreneur extraordinary, if the government would side with the farmers, then the initial step that the government should do is to make regulations in order to create price certainty, then make the insurance guarantee crop failure, the next step to create a special perbankkan finance production agriculture, if it was never done, believe farmers do not need the ministry of agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, and Department of Agriculture.

Just to note, farmers are the people who work from the hours of 6 (six) in the morning until the hour of 18 (eighteen) afternoon, a farmer who worked mengel not leave, farmers who work under the hot sun, and farmers who work do not recognize loss , all intended to meet the intent of his life and provide food for those who tie.

When does regulation made in order to side with the farmers? the answer is uncertain ..............................